Metallurgy Services

Inlet fan of Turbine

Inlet Fan of Modern Jet Engine

The word Metallurgy often invokes images of a blacksmith pounding iron into a horse shoe.  Modern Metallurgy encompasses the design, selection and fabrication of metals to perform a specific engineering function. Modern alloys employ elements and processing techniques not available even 50 years ago.  The complexity of these different alloys can make selection of the ideal material a daunting task.

Fortunately, our years of experience can quickly narrow your search.  We offer a range of services to help you. Whether you are designing a new product or improving an existing product, let us take the guess work out of it!

Sometimes despite your best efforts products don’t perform as designed. When that happens a root cause failure analysis will not only identify the problem, but will allow you to improve your product so it does not happen again.

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Corrosion & Environmental Degradation
Failure Analysis & Prevention
Fracture & Fatigue of Materials
Materials Selection
Tribology & Wear


“NME has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the past 7 years. They have helped to improve our products, streamline manufacture and even improve customer relations by providing technical support for using our products in corrosive environments.”

Dan McNamara, President /Owner

Quiedan Corp.

“As a fast paced manufacturing business we must deal with a wide variety of materials challenges. We appreciate having NME available to help when specialized metallurgical knowledge is required. We know NME will provide a solution in a timely manner and at a fair price.”

Atlas Copco Mafi-Trench Co.

“We first retained NME in 2008 when our company was small and we had limited resources. Their help was invaluable in selecting, testing and sourcing the appropriate materials for our product. 6+ years later we are still relying on their advice as we bring our products to market.”

Steve Herbruck, CEO

GoTek Energy

“We have worked with numerous expert witnesses, but Dr. Niebuhr is heads above the competition for his focus on details and his ability to explain abstract concepts in everyday vernacular.”

Jeff Temple

Product Liability Attorney

After an employee was severely injured by an escaped liquid, we hired NME to determine the cause and origin of the leakage and what break down in procedures may have occurred to allow this accident. We were very impressed by Dr. Niebuhr’s level of professionalism, attention to detail and clear explanation of the issues at hand. I would hire his firm again in the future.”

Cal Branton, Attorney

Hellmuth & Johnson , PLLC

"Our case required several experts from different fields. We appreciated how seamlessly Dr. Niebuhr collaborated with the other experts to formulate a cohesive narrative of the events. The product was a clear description that the Jury could absorb and understand."

Milo W. Lundblad, Partner

Brustin & Lundblad, Ltd.

"Dr. Niebuhr always takes care of his clients, having worked on several cases with him, I am always impressed by his willingness to go above and beyond to ensure he has done everything he can to help."

Randy Perlman, Attorney

Charmasson, Buchaca & Leach, LLP